Product List

Full Contour Zirconia

Pressed to Zirconia

  • Crowns
  • Bridges

Removable Orthotic

All Ceramic Inlay/Onlay

All Ceramic Crown / Veneer

  • Empress
  • Emax

Incisal Cutback & Buildup

  • Empress
  • Emax

Diagnostic Wax-up

  • Diagonostic wax-up cost will be deducted from the case’s final restorative price.

Implant Restorations

  • abutment and framework costs as needed

Implant Abutment Customizing

LVI Bonded Orthotic

Prep/Study Models

Crown under existing partial


All Ceramic
  • 10 daysEmpress Crown/Veneer (1-10 units)
  • 15 daysEmpress Crown/Veneer (10+ units)
  • 10 daysEmax Crown/Veneer (1-10 units)
  • 15 daysEmax Crown/Veneer (10+ units)
15 daysPress to Zirconia
10 daysDiagnostic Waxup (1-28 units)
15 daysImplant Restorations
10 daysLVI Bonded Orthotic
3 daysPrep/Study Models

Pricing for volume

We enjoy the opportunity to be the laboratory that does only your specialty cases, but if you are in need of a laboratory to be your primary supplier of crowns and bridges we appreciate that also. That is why we offer special pricing based on the volume of cases you send to our office on a monthly basis.

30+ units per month = 10% discount


If a case is required in less time than our scheduled working period, please call ahead to schedule prior to sending case. A rush fee of 40% may be applied due to scheduling adjustments, and any additional shipping charges if required.


Please print, fill out and include the Precision Dental Order Form with each case.
Precision Dental Order Form


Each case must be individually bagged with a completed prescription slip. Shipping cost to Precision Dental Design will be paid for by the sending office; return postage will be paid for by Precision Dental Design (except as stated above with special shipping charges).


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