What is a boutique laboratory?

Boutique: a business that serves a sophisticated or specialized clientele

Our commitment as a “Boutique Dental Laboratory” is to build a specialized relationship with each doctor. The goal of our laboratory is to understand the specific needs and desired results of every case, and create a beautiful product for each patient.

Services of a boutique dental laboratory:
  • Direct contact with the Master Dental Technician
  • In-laboratory meetings with patients who require extra attention
  • Custom in-office shade matching
  • Access to the newest and most advanced materials
  • Commitment to decreasing the doctor/patient chair time
Expectations of the doctor/laboratory relationship
  • Commitment to communication
  • Education about the advances of the field of dental technology.
  • Openness to new processes and procedures
  • Respect for the artistry of a spectacular product
“Your smile is our work of art”

We understand that sometimes patients feel overwhelmed by their decision to make a change to their appearance. We welcome them to come into our studio and be part of the creative process. Working together as a team we will achieve beautiful results and provide a positive experience for your patient. They will have a smile that they are excited to share with all their family and friends.

We offer an In-office case planning and patient consultation. Please contact us for more information.